march 24, 2017 - Third panel discussion published

We have published third discussion form the festival that was focud on music export. Watch it here.

march 11, 2017 - Second panel discussion published

Second discussion from the festival about Theater and performance as a way to include outsiders is online. Watch it here.

.march 8, 2017 - The Culture of North

The publication of Boris Németh a Filip Olšovský The Culture of North is available as PDF download. This book is the result of their trips to Iceland and Norway where they were looking for cultural diversity and they were trying to find out how these countries integrate marginalised groups. Download the book (in Slovak)

march 7, 2017 - Report from journey

Now you can download detailed report from the educational journey that contains itinerary and outputs that were published.

.february 27, 2017 - The photos from festival

The festival is over. But we have got the photos, videos from discussion and mostly new contacts and possibly new cooperations. See all the photos on our Facebook page.

february 24, 2017 - .pod lampou from the festival

First discussion is online. Watch it.

.january 2, 2017 - Press release about the project

In the months of November and December we published several articles and photos. Read the press release... (in Slovak language)

.december 25, 2016 - Photos from Norway from Boris Németh

.december 12, 2016 - With their eyes

They take down the stereotypes that only good loking person with good pronunciation can stand in front of the camera. In Iceland and also in Slovakia mentally challenged people test their presentation skills. And they gain confidence. Read more... (The article is in Slovak language.)

.december 11, 2016 - How to return what was given

About the nation of Karen that lives in Barma and Thailand is not much known in Europe. But there one girl with fascinating lifestory appeared in Norway. Read more... (The article is in Slovak language.)

.30.11.2016 - Photos from Iceland from Boris Németh

Ben Frost

Chris Foster

Elin Sveinsdottir

Frank Aarnink

Laufey Gudjonsdottir

Megan Horan

Olena Simon

Scott McLemore

Sigtryggur Baldursson

november 16, 2016 - Our reporters in PENA DNI_FM

Our reporters Filip Olšovský and Boris Németh spoke about project Norawy and Iceland meet Slovakia in Pena dni _FM on Radio FM. Listen to the show (in Slovak language)

.november 13, 2016 - Illsland

Read about the Slovak music group that is well known in Iceland. The article is in Slovak language. Read more...

.november 8, 2016 - Sixth day in Iceland

We met with Olena Simon.

.november 7, 2016 - Fifth day in Iceland

We met with Scott McLemore.

.6.11.2016 - Autism: Scream for the happiness.

Article about adult autistic people in Slovakia. Article is in Slovak language. Read more...

.november 6, 2016 - Fourth day in Iceland

We met with Frank Aarnink.

.november 5, 2016 - Third day in Iceland

We met with Ben Frost.

.november 4, 2016 - Second day in Iceland

We met with Chris Foster and Bára Grímsdóttir.

.november 3, 2016 - First day in Iceland

We met with Sigtryggur Baldursson from IMX.

.october 27, 2016 - We introduces festival at the press conference

We want to learn from the better. Therefore .týždeň magazine, in cooperation with cultural organizations from Norway and Iceland, decided to experience the integration of disadvantaged groups. The project titled "Who says I'm an outsider?" was introduced at a press conference on October 25, 2016. The Norwegian Ambassador Mrs Inga Magistad also attended the press conference. See photos from the project introduction.