festival's program


Festival focused on an art as a way to present marginalized groups and help them to become integral part of the society.

Kde: KC Dunaj, Bratislava
Kedy: February 22. – 24., 2017 (Wednesday – Friday)


February 22
  • 18:00 Official opening of the festival
    Introduction of the book of Boris Németh and Filip Olšovský that is the result of their visit of Iceland and Norway
  • 18:10 The presentation of the photo exhibition of Boris Németh of photos from Norway and Iceland
 and photos from Andrej Bán a Matúš Zajac of marginalized groups.
  • 18:30 Public recording of popular discussion format .pod lampou focused on the topic – Movie as a way to present the outsiders.
    Štefan Hríb
    Fridrik Thor Fridriksson – Icelandic director,
    Robert Kirchhoff – Slovak director
    Marcel Pázmán – Slovak director
  • 21:30 Movie projections about autism
    Tak ďaleko, tak blízko – Slovak movie

    Mother's Courage: Talking Back to Autism – Icelandic movie

February 23

  • 18:00 Panel discussion focused on the topic – Theatre and performance as an art to include outsiders
    Veronika Pizano
    Ole Hamre – Fargespill, Norway
    Frøydis Skarstrup Moberg – Fargespill, Norway
    Marek Kapusta – Superar Slovakia
    Patrik Krebs – Divadlo bez domova
    Fargespill, Nórsko - Fargespill, Norway
    Eva Ogurčáková – Divadlo z pasáže
  • 20:00 Theatrical performance of Divadlo z pasáže Little princ
  • 21:30 Movie projection about Norwegian Vardeteatret -Prøvetid

February 24

  • 18:00 Panel discussion focused on the topic – How to export music
    Oliver Rehák
    Sigtryggur Baldursson – Icelandic Music Export
    Michal Berezňák – LaLa Music Export
    Ľubica Zajacová Záborská – World Music From Slovakia
  • 20:30 Music concert - The Ills
  • 22:00 Official closing of the festival