our team

Our journalistic team consists of three members – two reporters directly from .týždeň, joined by an external cameraman. In November 2016 they will travel to Norway and Iceland in order to look for inspirational stories from the world of art. These will be brought back home and presented in the form of a photo reportage and short documentaries. Our website will be gradually updated with exclusive material from their journey.

.boris Németh

Boris is a photographer because he absolutely loves taking photos and watching the world around him. He came to týždeň straight from VŠVU, where he still works as a teacher. He dislikes when his colleagues, redactors tell him how to take photos but he let them at least to hold a flash or a ladder that he stands on. When he is not taking photos or watching world around, he reads, relax, swims, travels, plays on a contrabass, listens to a music, camps, cycles, walks in a wood, watch films, and again takes photos. Most of everything he enjoys switching the channels on tv.

.filip Olšovský

Filip writes in .týždeň about the society, culture, and sport, basically about everything that interests him or makes him angry. Mostly about themes, which seems to have narrow focus but in fact they can be explained (almost) to everyone. He studies on BISLE and enjoys own sport, which he invented with his friends. He listens to a music during writing, reads during eating and falls asleep with a television on. Enjoys traveling across the Europe, likes to cook, and totally loves vietnamese soup pho. He played a football long time, but now just watch it sometimes, from time to time puts bets and is supporter of London Chelsey, which mostly no one likes.

.marcel Pazman

Marcel works as a documentary cameraman and director already from his graduation on VŠMU in 2000. He has traveled throug 53 countries. He has worked for Slovak and international media. His focus is on social documentary and social topics. He likes nordic winter and he is happy for other people when they succeed. In 2015 he co-funded Danish co-production project “Contaminated Future” about people who live in regions with contaminated toxic waste with serious health and environmental consequences. To travel to other side of the world he needs only 5 minutes to pack his luggage, but Sunday trip he starts no early than 2 pm. He likes airports and hates flying. He doesn't like heights, so he prefers seabed. likes sailing, rum and good food, but he also eats lungs de la the creme. While filming he likes when the crew keeps to his right.

.denisa Gdovinová

Denisa writes about ociety and education, it is mostly because she is still a student. She likes to write about people, who think differently, they have ability to reverse the present thinking and to show new ways. She is fascinated by things, which makes no sense to her. She dislikes economic themes, simply because she can easily confuse a billion with a million. Sje does not do any sport, but she goes by foot everywhere. And because of that she is always. She owns a small box in mobile gardens where she plants parsley tops, carrots, and radishes. She loves serials M.A.S.H. a Twin Peaks.